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Give Jess’s Pre and Post Baby Belly a Break

on August 11, 2012

Throughout a pregnancy, a women’s body goes through so many changes that after the first few months you lose count of them all. The one thing expectant women don’t lose count of is how much weight you gain during those, what seem like forever, months. Dreading the moment at your monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly appointment where you’re asked to step on the scale and you look away because you don’t want or need to know you gained 4 pounds in seven days. This is how most of us ‘normal’ women feel during the course of a pregnancy, so I can’t begin to imagine how a celebrity such as Jessica Simpson must feel to be under a microscope for the last year.

‘Jessica Simpson Diet Disaster,’ “Jessica Simpson must lose 65 lbs,” “Jessica Simpson Excessive Weight Gain.” These are just some of the headlines circling around the Singer, Fashion Star and Television Persona and her post baby body. She has been criticized by the tabloids about how much weight she has gained during her pregnancy and scrutinized about not losing it fast enough. Come on people it’s only been a couple months. It takes 9 months to carefully grow this miracle of life in our bellies and so it is only normal that it will take as long to get back to you again. Not to mention the number one priority is no longer you, it’s that new tiny love of your life you just spent that last 9 months cooking in what felt like a bowling ball sitting on a water balloon going to burst any minute.

But despite all the changes in her life Jess has signed on to be the newest Spokesperson for Weight Watchers. It was reported she signed a $4 Million deal with the company to help her lose the baby weight and get her pre baby body back.  She has recently been seen leaving the gym with her trainer and has said “There’s no goal weight- I just want to feel normal and fixate on inches.”  She announced on her twitter page that she recently bought her WW group members step counters tweeting, “Just bought all the girls in my @weightwatchers group pedometers to track their steps. 10,000 steps a day = 5 miles! Let’s step it up!”

I for one admire Jess for her comeback goal and can’t wait to see her progress over the coming months. What about you?


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