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Decisions, Decisions!

on August 15, 2012

While I was pregnant, I thought like any new mum would. My baby is going to have the best of everything! I’m going to be the best mum! I decided she would only eat organic, I would never ever give her formula, I would never use sunscreen on her, we weren’t going to vaccinate…amongst other things. Basically all the things my parents did to raise me, I was going to do the opposite.

Even though I was saying all these things out loud, I don’t think I actually believed them. We had people in our lives at one point who were just so pushy about all these things and that this is how we had to raise our child, that I thought if I didn’t I would be a bad parent. We all have people like that in our lives. Where their opinion is the only one that matters, you know the “pushers.”

So here we were, with our baby girl. The nurse in the hospital asked me if I would like them to give her a bottle with formula so I could get some sleep. No way! I’m strictly breastfeeding. My child will never have formula. I remember after a couple months of strictly nursing a friend of mine asked me why I wouldn’t give her formula. I didn’t have an answer. I had no idea why although my parents gave me formula when I was a baby, I wouldn’t give it to mine. All I could say is, “well you know what they say, breast is best!”

Next came her vaccinations. Ok, ok I understand this is a touchy subject for most people. There is so much conflicting information out there for parents to make the decision whether or not to vaccinate and in no way is this meant to sway the decision you make. This subject kept coming up in conversation when talking about our baby. Jon and I would talk about it but to no great lengths, he was dead set on not vaccinating Aud. So that was that, we weren’t going to. So then came a day in one of my mommy and me groups and the topic came up. “Oh no, were not going to vaccinate.” I said. “Why not?” asked another mum. Well there I was again, stumped. I had no idea why we weren’t vaccinating. I just replied with, “well you know, there is just so many people that don’t anymore and it causes Autism…” Phew…I dodged that one.

Well Aud is now 10 months old and I will say, we did vaccinate her, she does not eat all organic, I have given her formula and she does wear sunscreen and she is a perfectly happy and healthy baby girl. I realized after I had Audrina that we needed to make our own INFORMED decisions. I needed to stop listening to what everyone else was telling me to do. As a new mum we have so many people saying, ‘you should do it this way,” and “this is how I did it.” I realized that we needed to be more informed about the decisions we were making. How dare we make these conclusions without even knowing why! This is my daughter’s life in my hands! Needless to say I did do research on the above topics and we made our own informed decisions on the subjects.

So don’t feel pressured by those around you to do things you don’t really know anything about, do the research, listen to your instincts, because for the rest of your lives YOU will have to decide what is best for YOUR child, no one else.  Just because they raised a kid whom I’m sure is amazing, doesn’t mean what they did will necessarily work for you. So when someone gives you that much needed parenting advice that you couldn’t possibly figure out on your own, just do what I do smile, nod, and change the subject!!

FYI: Let me be clear that in no way is this posting meant to alter your decision in what you do with your child. Do your research and decide for yourself!!!


One response to “Decisions, Decisions!

  1. kathymcnea says:

    is that our superstar girlie girl Audrina? Stop worrying. You are a wonderful mum Mads.

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