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Get OUT!

on August 21, 2012

The first month and a half after bringing baby girl home we didn’t leave the house. We were getting to know each other, trying to get a routine in place, and since baby slept all the time I thought I would too. We would go for walks, do a run to the grocery store but that was about it. I am the first out of my friends to have a baby, so I didn’t have many people to talk to about a newborn. I just wasn’t sure what was out there for us to do. I just assumed she was too little to be signed up for anything, and too little to meet new friends. Then I received an email from an old friend of mine from highschool. She wanted to get together, meet the baby, have a coffee. I thought why not? We need to get out, I would love to catch up and since she had an almost one year old boy and maybe she could answer some of my questions about this new mum, new baby life.

Going to meet up with my old friend was probably the best thing I did as a new mum. Since she had been there, done that, she had so much information about what was out there for us to do. I didn’t have to sit at home and wait for my friends to have babies, I didn’t have to go to the grocery store everyday to kill some time. There were so many resources and programs out there for new mum’s and babies I had no idea about! Best of all most of them were free! When I got home from our get together, she had sent me an email with tons and tons of links to all the mum and baby groups and programs we could join in and around our area.  So I picked up the phone and started calling. The reign of us staying indoors all day, being antisocial, and wondering what grocery store I would check out next, was over! I was finally going to meet other new mum’s, swap birth stories and share experiences and did I mention it was free!

The first program we joined was for new mum’s and babies to learn different ways to be able to parent more confidently. Every week there was a new topic from learning Infant CPR, to infant nutrition, to just being able to network with the other mum’s who joined.  It was so great. It was so nice to be able to swap questions such as why does baby girl spit up? And what color poop is your babies? (Trust me, these are the topics of conversation that become second nature when you’re a mum).

After that program I signed up for every program I could. Registration day for the free programs was like calling into a radio station to win tickets to the next Spice Girls concert, (love them). But I always got through and I always got us into the program we wanted. Another program we really enjoyed was called “Mother Goose” hosted by the Ontario Early Years Centre, (almost every Ontario city or town has one). Every week, for two hours we would go and learn nursery rhymes (it’s amazing how many there are!) and meet new mum’s and their babies, and have snack! It was awesome! I met so many other mum’s and we always had something to talk about. We would all talk about what major milestone our babies had achieved, and what new foods they were trying, what transition from the bassinet to the crib was like… I was so sad when the program came to an end. But there were a core 6 of us who have remained friends. We try every week to get together for play dates doing all sorts of things- Splash pads, picnics, walks, home play dates.

The point of this article is to let all the new mum’s out there know you don’t have to stay inside or go to the grocery store everyday. No matter where you live there are programs out there for you and your baby to enjoy. Check out your local library, the local paper, use google, even call your town if you have too! There are resources out there for us new mum’s. If your town doesn’t have a mummy and me group then start one because trust me, you are not the only one feeling like there is nothing to do. I’ve met some really amazing women, and great babies that Aud and I will be friends with for life. It’s been amazing seeing all the babies grow together this last year, and see how close us mum’s have become. I couldn’t be more thankful for that day I decided to leave the house and go for coffee with an old friend. So get out there, buy that mirror for the backseat of your car so you don’t have to be nervous driving while baby sits in the back (you know what I mean), and meet new mum’s! Do it for you, your baby, and your sanity!



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