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Starting Solids-Lights, Camera, FAIL!

on August 22, 2012

There is such an abundance of information out there for new mums, and most of it I find to be rather conflicting. The one topic I was just so confused about when the time came was starting baby on solids. Do I start at 4 or 6 months? Do I start her on rice cereal or go straight to pureed vegetables? Do I try the “Baby Led Weaning” or stick with purees? Ahhhh! I think I drove myself crazy leading up to the day I introduced solids. I thought I would talk about my experience with introducing solids and everything in between. I’m guessing I’m not the only one who was a little confused around the subject.

Around 4 months my mum suggested I try introducing the rice cereal into Aud’s diet, I mean why not? My mum started me on it around the same time and lot’s of other mum’s had done the same thing. So I went to the store and I probably stood in that baby food aisle for 15 minutes before I decided which one to get. So many options were in front of me. I bought the one I could mix with breast milk and the one I could mix with water. I decided I would try mixing the one with breastmilk first. So there I was, I had set up the stage, got my camera ready, put baby girl in her cutest onesie, and was ready to feed her the first bite. FAIL! She hated it, spit it all out. With every bite she just had this awful look on her face, so I gave up after a few sad attempts. She just was not ready.  To be honest, at the time I had an instinct that she wasn’t ready, that she didn’t need it in her diet yet and thinking back I should of listened to myself. (I want to be clear that the recommended age by Pediatrician’s to start solids is 6 months. Up until a year milk is the most important food for your baby). Don’t feel pressured by your parents, grandparents, and any elders to start your baby on solids early as they did, there is no better time or right way, its your way. Yes, we all started earlier and yes we are all fine but for the first 6 months your baby is just fine with exclusively breastmilk or formula.

At Aud’s 6 month check up the doctor gave the ok to start solids. We are told to start them on iron-fortified baby cereal is because it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction, especially if you are starting in and around 6 months. I kept hearing that I could go straight to veggies and skip the cereal but I decided I would start her on Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal, and at 6 months she was definitely ready for it. The first bite she took no problem and opened her mouth for more! So once again I had the camera out and took about a million pictures! I was so excited to start this new milestone in our journey. Then got the confusing part. I did the 4 day wait rule, watched for any symptoms that could signal a reaction, and she was fine. Ok, so do I introduce a fruit or a veggie next? Do I stop the cereal and start a new food? Do I feed her twice a day now? So many questions! This is where my mummy friends really came in handy! So this is how I started to intro different foods.

Day  1- Intro to cereal, in the mornings. They say to intro food in the mornings in case any reaction occurs you will have a better chance on noticing. The brand we use is Healthy Times, Organic Oatmeal Cereal for Baby which we buy at our local Loblaws or Organic Grocer.

Day 4- Cereal with a single pureed fruit- Once a day. Every 4 days we would try a different fruit until I had exhausted all fruit options! She absolutely loves fruit so she was not picky about her choices.

After we had done the fruit introductions we moved on to vegetables at which point we also introduced dinner. So she would still have her cereal with fruit in the morning, and around 5-5:30 we give her dinner. I was reading that the serving would be the size of an ice cube (around 1 ounce). HA! Audrina was eating almost a whole baby food jar size amount of food! Just go with their cues. If they are full they will tighten their lips, turn their head or protest when you give them a bite. So we first started with pureed sweet potato, then butternut squash, peas, green beans, zucchini, carrots and so on and so on, of course waiting on the four day rule in between each intro. When we had gone through most veggies we stopped the 4 day introduction. Obviously some people will shake their heads to this but baby girl has had absolutely no reaction to any food we have given her so we are confident about the choice. We also started making combinations of veggies and fruit around 7ish months. We are lucky because our girl doesn’t seem to be a picky eater (knock on wood). Since she had about 6 teeth already we also started to give her baby cookies (i.e. Mum Mums) and Puffs (Graduate and PC brands), the ones that all dissolve in their mouths.

Audrina is now 10.5 months and is on 3 meals a day plus a snack, plus her breastmilk. She is on all finger foods (started around 8.5 months) with the exception of breakfast (cereal with fruit). She loves the independence of being able to feed herself and so do I! Although I am watching her closely with every bite it’s a nice change of pace in the day for her to be able to do it herself. I try hard to get her to eat all the food groups in a day but I’ve learned if she doesn’t eat all her green beans at dinner it’s OK! She will make up for it tomorrow. Would you believe the girl loves tofu!! One of her staple dinners is tofu and sweet potato and peas…would you of even thought of that combo?

When we first introduced solids I was so confused with all the mumbo jumbo out there, but now it’s come as second nature. So don’t stress too much about the introduction, don’t be disappointed if when you set the stage and lights, camera, action- baby spits it all out! Before you know it baby will be stealing food off your plate, shoving handful’s of cheerio’s into their mouths, and throwing every piece of food you put on their tray onto the floor (invest in a good mop…seriously!) Happy feeding!!


One response to “Starting Solids-Lights, Camera, FAIL!

  1. Trish says:

    So helpful! Thanks for sharing! Xo

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