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Sleep, Shmeep.

on August 23, 2012

Ok so I’m going to write again about baby girl’s sleeping. If you know me then you know it’s been a bit of a struggle for our family. I’ll start at the beginning to shed some light on the situation. When Aud was a newborn her sleeping schedule was pretty on par from what to expect when they are so little. We would all go to bed around 11 p.m. (not late for newborn standards considering they sleep majority of the time), and would wake for a feed about every 2 hours. We had her sleep in a bassinet beside the bed because like most new mums it was more comforting, easier, and I could watch her breathe all night (ok, I only did that the first month). We never co-slept because Jon and I were a little nervous about it, but there were nights that she fell asleep on my chest, and that feeling of closeness, her listening to my heartbeat while falling asleep, was just so incredible I would never move her (she also seemed to wake up every time I put her down in her bassinet so to get a little shut eye this was the solution). Like most newborns she was prone to movement, and boob to fall asleep. She also liked to fall asleep on her daddy, and I can’t count how many pictures I have of them both sleeping on the couch with a little smile on their faces (cue ‘Awww’). You pretty much do whatever you can to make sure baby has a nice, comfortable, peaceful sleep. We would watch the t.v. on mute, whisper to each other when we spoke, and any noise made I would automatically “SHHHHH.”

Back to baby crying every time I put her down in her bassinet. So remember that friend I told you about in my last post? The one who told me about to get out and meet new mums and babies, well she also had some great advice about getting baby to stay sleeping. SWADDLING! I know your probably thinking, well duh! But we did the swaddle for a couple nights when we brought her home and she didn’t seem to like it, so we were putting her down without. Man, were we wrong! She suggested I go out and buy those ‘swaddle sacks’  or learn how to do a good swaddle with blankets. So I did, and that night I tightly swaddled my little bean in this cute leopard print and pink trimmed swaddle sack I bought (if you know me then you know how strongly I feel about animal print) and what’ya know, it worked! I was able to put her down in her bassinet without her waking up, not to mention she was sleeping for longer stretches! She wasn’t waking up as often as before! I was getting four hour stretches of sleep by the 3rd month! Life was good! I was telling everyone what a great sleeping she was, swaddling saved us all, we were so lucky! JINX! I’ll get to that.

Sometime in her fourth month we moved her to her room in her crib. The transition went really smoothly because from the beginning I had her napping in her crib. Something I strongly suggest for you mums. Put baby in the crib from day one, or at least early on. I have heard horror stories of transitioning baby to crib when they have outgrown co-sleeping or the bassinet. Luckily for us, Aud was already used to sleeping in hers that the first night she slept soundly, me on the other hand, not so much. I think I checked in on her about 15 times, and had the monitor permanently glued to my ear (totally normal).

We also started to move up her bedtime in about half hour increments until eventually we were putting her down at about 7. Do it people! Don’t let your babe stay awake till 11 p.m. The earlier you start this the better. I know, I know you don’t want to have to get up at 7 a.m. but once you get it going, you’ll notice a big change in baby’s routine and it helps with their sleeping habits for the future. Plus gives you and hubs some serious cuddle time, *wink wink*.

We started a bedtime routine with her the week we brought her home with we still stick with to this day. Her routine is Warm bath, lotion, pajamas, lullaby, nurse, bed (this will be changing in the next couple weeks). She was doing really great for a couple months, it even got to a point where she was only waking once a night! HEAVEN! Then the teeth started to come in, and we moved to a new place. Why didn’t anyone warn me what I was in for? Let the terrible sleeping begin.

I’m ending this post here because my experience with teething, and the sleep training could be another page in itself, which you should know by now I will have no trouble writing about. I hope the above couple tips and tricks helps you with your baby. Don’t worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just think in 20 years, they will be moved out and you will finally get that good night sleep you’ve been dreaming about since you were about 8 months preggers and you were getting up every hour to pee….then again….you still may be getting up every hour to pee…keep doin your kegels ladies!


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