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One Word-Teething

on August 29, 2012

It’s been a couple months since baby girl sprouted another tooth, I have been wondering when the next one would be. Constantly feeling inside her mouth as she thrashed it from side to side to feel that little nub that I was sure had come up. Aud has had a runny nose for the last month, and I mean runny. Every top I wore eventually had a snot spot on the shoulder by the end of the day, it’s the little things. Teething started around 3 months, she started to put everything in her mouth and not to mention the drooling. I probably said “she’s teething” for a couple months until a tooth actually started to rear its ugly head. Read on to hear about my experience about teething. It’s aint pretty. She’s cranky, she’s tired all the time, she drools, her sleeping is a disaster…as a parent I have to say teething is brutal so I can only imagine what Aud is going through.

Believe it or not her first tooth broke the skin on my birthday back in March. I remember feeling inside her mouth and there it was! That little, pearly nub had popped through her bottom gums. I actually cried a little bit because it was the feeling of “she’s growing so fast!” But I pretty much cry at every milestone and growth spurt. I knew this was only the beginning, since that first one had come it was only a matter of time before more followed. So I took action. I reached out to my fellow mum friends for some advice and they gave me some great ideas to help the pain the baby girl was in. Naturally I feel the need to share with you…remember sharing is caring!!

Frozen Washcloths: Wet and twist a washcloth and put it in the freezer. Aud loves these when she’s teething and it’s small enough to hold herself

Baby Feeders: (Brand’s I used- Sassy and Nuby) These are great because you can fit an ice cube and frozen fruit in the net and baby can hold it and chew and suck on it all she wants and only the juice or water will get through the netting. Also great for baby is starting solids.

–  Teething Rings: Aud had a couple teething rings, we lost one but have managed to hold on to her favorite. The Nuby ring she LOVES! It’s colorful, soft, and lots of space for her to hold and chew. She also loved the Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring (not the usual Sophie) but unfortunately she lost it and I just refuse to spend $20 on a teething toy.

Frozen Teething Rings: You know the typical teether’s we all used as babies, we don’t use them often but she has the Nuby BPA free Icy Bite teething ring that she really likes.

There are some really great products out there for babies when it comes to teething. Just make sure you are looking for BPA free and stay on top of washing them in the dishwasher or by hand.

I want to talk a bit about something I have yet to try but have heard a ton about. Amber Teething necklaces. Yes, it’s a necklace for your baby to wear that draws out the pain from teething and is said to work. The necklaces are made from Baltic amber and have been used for healing purposes for centuries. I have talked to several mums who have used these necklaces on their babies and they swear by them. I haven’t tried it yet but I think I have been convinced. You can find lot’s of info about them online so read up on them and decide if you think it will help you baby. When I get one for Aud I will let you guys know if it works for her.

Tylenol: I know, I know some mums are hesitant but think of it this way if you have a toothache or a bad headache you are going to take something to relieve the pain, so how can you not offer your child something to do the same? We use Tempra, the banana flavor, and it seems to work the best for us, especially at night.

Last but not least is TLC. When baby girl is teething she needs a little extra TLC. Lot’s of cuddles, hugs, kisses and she even wants to nurse more. I give her whatever she needs when she is teething. Anything I can do to help lessen the pain that comes along with it I do. They say imagine your worst toothache combined with a headache and times it by 10 and that is what babies feel when they teeth. Just do whatever you can to help them out, not only will it ease their pain but it will ease yours as well.


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