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Get a Hobby Supermum

on September 6, 2012

Finally! I got a new computer. I’ve switched from PC to MAC, which I have been dying to do for ages. I have felt soo lost the last few days without a computer, especially since I couldn’t write. Don’t worry this isn’t about how a MAC is better then PC, you can make that decision yourself, you know how I don’t like to be a pusher.

Writing this last month for me has been such an outlet for me. Almost like therapy, like writing in journal. I missed it immensely. I have been thinking about all the things I was going to write about to make up for the last couple days- healthy eating, making impromptu plans, baby girls latest accomplishments, going through a set back…hmm…so many options. Today I think I’m going to write about how important it is as a mum to have something you love to do other then being a mum. Easy enough I think.

As I said the last few days I have felt like I was missing something, forgetting to do something. I don’t in any way rely on my computer to fill the void, but I had gotten into a certain routine this last month with writing. I always write during baby girls first nap and I had started to get so used to it. I guess I could of got out a piece of paper and pen and did it the old fashioned way, but it just doesn’t feel the same. I guess it’s how Carrie Bradshaw felt in Sex in the City, come to think of it I don’t think she ever had computer problems! Then again she also could afford to live in a beautiful apartment in NYC with a big closet, while periodically writing a small column for the paper…hm. If only television mirrored real life.

So while I didn’t have my computer I was doing other things to keep busy. Cleaning, making my infamous ‘to do’ lists, coming up with new games to play with baby girl, planning meals, making more ‘to do’ lists- I think I mopped the floors every day while Aud slept. It really made me come to the realization how important it is to have hobbies, things to do other then being a mum and housewife.

There are tons of things I could of done other then housework, and mum duties but I didn’t. I could of started my scrapbooking which I have been talking about all year, done my yoga tape that’s been sitting on the shelf for two years, I SHOULD of wrote on paper. I could say I had a million things to do in preparation for this weekends big event (Aud’s baptism) but I have time to do that. That one hour that Aud sleeps is my time, my time to write, to journal, to share my experiences as a new mum to all of you who read my blog.

I know I have wrote about having ‘me time’ before so this is almost like a part 2. Go do something you love, or take something new up. Before I had baby girl I did hot yoga every other night and I loved it!! I decided next week I am going to find a new studio and get right back into. I also decided that no matter what I will always write during her first nap, whether it’s on a computer or the cute new notebook I bought the other day at Wal-Mart and am planning to cover in the new animal print duct tape I found (if it’s animal print I will find it).

Did you go to the gym before baby? Did you take classes like cooking or photography? Did you write in a journal or a blog? Get back into it. It will feel so relieving having a hobby or something to do other then being a supermum. Ask your friends to go on nightly walks, or sign up for cake making classes with your hubs, as Nike says ‘Just Do It!”


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