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Who’s Your Baby and What Does He Do?

on September 7, 2012

When you find out your expecting a child your mind automatically starts running through a million questions. I think the most common amongst us all would be, what will she/he be like? Will she have my attitude and her father’s laziness?  Is she going to be creative or a little more reserved? Will she want to play sports or look pretty in a tutu? I think we predetermine a lot of the answers before we even meet them.

After meeting a lot, and I mean a lot of babies this past year and watching them grow along with Aud, I have come up with a few different explanations of personalities and I’m pretty sure I’ve nailed what our little baby girl will be like as she gets older.

 The Shy Guy Baby- I met a couple little shy ones over the last year. The ones who stay close to mummy, don’t welcome unfamiliar scenes and people, tend to be on the quieter side. Now most babies when brought into a new environment or scene do show these tendencies but after a few minutes adapt and start to seem more comfortable. Just like we do walking into a room where we don’t know anyone. At first we stick to who or what we know, after a little while (or a drink or two) we start to ease into our surroundings. It is possible it’s just a phase they are going through, and maybe just take a little longer to warm up. You can help them learn to adjust easier by joining play groups, meeting new people, and socializing them when you can.

Textbook Baby, Maybe?- You know, the baby that meets all the milestones exactly when they are suppose to. Sleeping through at 3 months, rolling over at 5 months, sitting up at 6 months, crawling by 8 months, ect, ect. Weight, height, head circumference are all in the 50%. Their schedule and patterns are pretty predictable and meet all the growth spurts when the book says. They smile when you smile, frown when you frown. They are easily adaptable, no surprises here. These are the ones that you hear about an think to yourself with envy, if only my child slept through the night at 3 months.

The Challenger Babe- These are the wee babes who cry at the drop of a hat. No matter what you do seem unhappy or dissatisfied, wont sleep, rejects anything new, and is just very sensitive overall. I read that these babies are known as having a low sensory threshold. Meaning anything from a just wet diaper to a bright light will set baby off. Don’t fret! Most likely this will start to tapper off as baby grows, (phew!) but listen, if you know your baby starts up at the sound of the phone ringing then turn the ringer down. Maybe get them a toy phone so they can play with it and get use to the sounds.

 Easy Peasy Baby- la-la-la is what you think when you meet this baby. You just want to dress this baby up in a leather jacket with a popped collar and some cool shades. Nothing phases them, and I mean nothing. You can walk into a play-date, put this babe on the floor, walk away and they wouldn’t even notice. Not much crying except when it’s warranted, they mostly are good sleepers and have the common set back when teething or sick but manage to get right back into routine. You can leave the house with just some diapers and wipes and leave the toys at home. This baby is so easily adaptable you wonder what they could be feeding her. I met a couple of these babies and I have to say after meeting mum or dad it comes to light as to how this baby can be so easy! Being that kind of parent really does transfer to babe. I know it’s not always easy but just relax a bit and you’ll see your baby will too.

So I’m sure you are wondering where does Aud fall in all this. Well she’s the baby who is a bit of everything. She can be shy going into a room full of people, but opens up after a few peek-a-boo’s and tickles are exchanged. She was pretty textbook when it came to rolling over and crawling but she was never a great sleeper and does NOT like the noise the vacuum makes. Not much seems to bug her, but she does know how to get what she wants, oh, does she ever…

Baby girl is also showing signs of ‘diva-ism’, which when I say it Jon gives me the, “that’s all you” look. She demands the attention when in a room, and has realized that she has mum and dad wrapped around her teeny weeny finger. When she drinks her bottle she insists I hold it even though I know she can (I know, my fault). I think if she could walk and talk she would be demanding that golden egg (remember Violet in Willy Wonka?) She does not like the word no. Ok mom stop rolling your eyes.

So does you baby fall under any of these? I know all babies are perfect, and obviously demand our undivided attention at all times, and it’s ok to give them what they want, and yes I know babies cry, but I am just simply categorizing the things I have taken in. It’s funny how before being a mum I would of never noticed babies have such specific personality traits at such a young age, how I just assumed all babies are the same when in fact all babies are completely and utterly different in every way.

You may not see it or notice it right away but the tendencies your baby is showing now, I’m guessing will be carried through. Embrace them, love them, praise them and remember all babies are different in EVERYTHING they do. 


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