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Weaning…hard? Not so much…

on September 18, 2012

I can’t believe my little ham is almost a year. It seems like yesterday that I was in the hospital, anxiously waiting to meet her. The past year I dedicated all of myself to her, including my body. As I mentioned in past posts, I exclusively breastfed her since day one. Well now has come the time I have decided to wean her to whole milk, and off the breast. Well maybe not completely, but it will no longer be the majority of her daily intake. I’ve known this time was coming but am feeling serious mixed emotions about it. I want to write about what the weaning has been like and how it’s working for us.

The first day I gave Aud whole milk I had intended on just giving it to her to taste and see what her reaction was. So I put some in her bottle (the sippy cup didn’t work for us…yet) and intently watched her take the first gulp. At first her face made a squishy, WTF sort of face. I’m not going to lie, a part of me was ok with it. Maybe we weren’t ready to give up breastfeeding? Maybe it’s too soon?

Then there was a second gulp, and it didn’t stop until I had to give her more. The WTF face turned into, what the hell have you been holding out on me face. The first time I gave it to her she drank 4 ounces!! I couldn’t believe it! Her expression was priceless, (as it is most of the time, she is very expressive).

They say weaning is a big process. That slow and steady wins the race. It could take a month to wean and for baby to be on whole milk. This is why I started it around 11 months. Not my girl. It took one day for her to love it. I mean really, if your a milk lover, who wouldn’t love a nice glass of 3.25% milk with cookies?

The second day I replaced a second feed with the whole milk. That went well too. WTF? I really couldn’t believe this was happening so easily for us. Although I will say my body was starting to respond to missing two nursing sessions in a day. Let’s just say I wasn’t fitting into my usual bras that day.

It’s really amazing how responsive your body is when you have been nursing for so long. That second day I was a tad bit uncomfortable but it was nothing major. I didn’t need to pump or express any milk because I was still planning on nursing a couple times during the day. This also lead me to believe that my milk supply was nowhere near was it used to be like. If we ever had to skip a feed I would have to express, but not this time. Wow, things are really changing around here.

By the fourth day Aud was drinking 3 bottles of whole milk a day and anywhere from 2-4 ounces at each time. We’re about 2 weeks in, I wont say every feed is easy. Sometimes she hesitates and protests, not because she wants the boob but because having a bottle means it takes away from her play time, smart cookie she is. So she isn’t always drinking a full bottle. In the beginning she would sit on my lap and drink it while watching treehouse, but since she realizes she can do it herself she will not let me have any part in it.

I’ve learned that she will drink most of her bottle in her highchair with a snack, in her stroller on a walk, and in her carseat on a drive…so that is where we are at now, I’m sure as time goes on she will be receptacle  to when and where she has her bottle but for now we do what works. 

It’s amazing how quickly they become some independent from us. 6 months ago I couldn’t leave her for more then an hour or two, now I could leave her the whole day and she would be just fine. (I can only handle one emotional detachment at a time people). I will gradually increase her bottles as time goes on, in the meantime I make sure she makes up for it in other dairy products. She is still nursing once in the morning, once in the evening, and once throughout the night.

I know some are probably thinking why the bottle? For one, I tried to give it to her in a sippy cup but she refuses to drink anything but water. and 2) we haven’t quite mastered drinking out of a cup yet and i’m sorry but I don’t feel like cleaning up spilled milk for most of my day…I’m not worried about eventually having to take away the bottle. Aud obviously doesn’t seem like the type to be overly attached to things, just look at how easy it’s been to wean.

So am I ready to hang up the nursing bra’s and call it a day? No, and I plan to keep nursing until she no longer shows interest. No bottle or delicious whole milk can replace the bond between a nursing mom and baby. I am going to cherish these last few times we have left because once I introduce her to sugar, and peanut butter, and all her teeth come in, she starts walking and talking, I have a feeling this may all be a distant memory for her someday soon.

I do plan on going out to Victoria Secret and purchasing some new fancy overpriced undergarments because let’s face it, I havn’t worn a lacy black bra in about two years, I hear they have animal print now…sold.


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