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Times are a Changin’

on September 19, 2012

Since the first week of bringing baby girl home we have had a nighttime routine. It really hasn’t changed at all except for maybe the time we start it, I can tell that baby girl is ready for a change in the next couple weeks to a month, but like any routine once you have one you don’t want to switch it up. You get comfortable, baby is happy with it, so why change it? People always say when you have babies and kids your whole life is about routines and schedules. I’m the kind of person who is in the middle, I love knowing what to expect but at the same time this last year has been a lot of baby leading the way.

I love knowing that by about 6:30 p.m. every night Aud’s mood starts to slowly shift, she rubs her eyes, and then a big yawn comes. A warm bath gets run, we undress her and admire her cute little tushy, and in the bath she goes. Some nights she loves it, other nights, she can’t wait to get the hell out of there. Of course we inundate her with “this little piggy” and “Old McDonald had a farm….” It works for about 10 seconds before she is halfway out of the bath, pleading for someone to pick her up.

The problem for us is that our apartment doesn’t have a bathtub…I know, cue sympathy. We are still using a baby/toddler bath, to which last night I decided I was either a) going to find a better bigger bath for her or b)start using a large Rubbermaid container (it could work!). We tried showering with her, but she hated it, like screamed the whole time, whole body beat red, anxiety cries, hated it-naturally we are scared to try that again.

So after her bath we giggle in the mirror for a bit, trying to butter her up for the next step. Getting her lotioned up and dressed, the one part of the evening I don’t look forward too. She is a wiggly, squiggly, worm and I have had to retreat to serious distraction toys and objects to keep her still for more then 1 minute. I know I’m not alone here. By the time the last button is done up, most of the time she is screaming bloody murder.

So after the battle of getting pj’s on and the tears are wiped clean, we say goodnight and I nurse her. As I mentioned in my last article (Weaning, hard? Not so much) I am weaning her now, but we aren’t quite giving up this feed yet. She doesn’t often fall asleep while nursing but she get’s groggy and after about 5-10 minutes she is in bed.

In the beginning I used to always make sure we were home by 6:30 p.m. from wherever we were so we could get her routine into play. Obviously there were definitely some evenings where that just didn’t happen. The first couple times I found myself having a bit of anxiety about it. Thinking if she didn’t have a bath she wasn’t going to fall asleep, or if she doesn’t start her feed at exactly 6:50 p.m. she was going to start freaking out.

Luckily it didn’t take a lot of time to realize that it’s ok if she skips a bath one night, or if we are out past 6 p.m.  She will still go to bed. It’s ok if we are out a little longer in the afternoon and she doesn’t nap at exactly 1 p.m. or if she falls asleep en-route  The fact is, if we spend all our time catering to our children’s routines they will never learn to adapt in situations that may cause it to stray.

I’m seeing now that she is able to stay up a little bit later, she likes to have a bit of play time right before bed, reading books, crawling around, playing with her ball. The nighttime ritual we have been following this last year is changing, and she’s leading the way. I’m ok with change. I’ve always been easily adaptable to it, and I think it’s rubbing off on her.

Her first nap is even getting shorted in the morning, no long an hour to hour an a half, sometimes it’s only 45 minutes. It’s going to be a big change for us all when that nap get’s dropped…

The point of this post is that although you may have a great routine going, and you have everything scheduled down to the minute, just know that in a couple weeks, months, even hours it all will change, and it’s ok. Be the one that shows your little one change is good, it’s good for us all. If you can find the happy medium between routines and going with the flow, transitions will be easy for everyone involved.

Update: From the time I wrote this to when I posted it I opted to try a rubbermaid tub for a bath….I think it’s genius…I’ll keep you posted!




One response to “Times are a Changin’

  1. stashmom says:

    We visited my in-laws recently and they don’t have a bath tub. My son is too big for a baby bath so we pulled out the rubbermaid bin labeled “christmas decorations”. It fit my son and my 2-year-old daughter!

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