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A Day In The Life

on November 6, 2012

As a Stay At Home Mum (yes-it’s a title!) I often wonder if my LO is going to be ‘on-track’ with the other toddler’s.  When I see my friends who have their kid’s in daycare I often find myself asking “so what things are they doing in daycare that are different then at home?” I’m not worried that baby girl wont be on the same track as her kiddie friends or that she is missing out, I just want to make sure she is receiving enough stimulation and eventually when she does go to daycare she isn’t the only kid still being spoon-fed.

Our day’s are pretty repetitive, which I’m sure it a-ok considering our kids thrive on routine and structure. Throughout the day she has some ‘alone’ play-time. Where she sits with her toys and plays and keeps herself busy, this can go for about 20 minutes. This is an important time of day for us, for one I get some time to drink my coffee, check my emails, browse the news, blog- and Aud learns that even though I am a TON of fun, she can figure things out on her own and have a good time doing it.

I sit from afar and watch as she chews on just about everything she touches, dumps out all her blocks and shapes and puts them in whatever holes and openings she can fit them into, give her stuffed animals hugs and kisses, walk around, crawl; and eventually play-time ends once she has this concentrated distant stare on her face when I know it’s diaper change time…

It’s funny to remember from when she was an infant she would just stare, shake, rattle, and bang her toys and now she has figured out the functions of them, stacking blocks, pushing her toy truck. It’s truly amazing what their little brains absorb in a year.

We go for a walk everyday, weather permitting. On our walk I talk and chatter about the leaves changing colors, how tall the tree’s are, the cars that drive by, the squirrel that just ran in front of us, the birds that are chirping. People who walk past us, especially teens, definitely giveme that ‘crazy lady, who is she talking too?’ look.

Seeing as I am someone who talks a lot, I chat to her about everything, and it’s not always in baby babble. They say speaking to your child as though they understand you is better then baby talk as it could hinder their vocabulary. I say mix it up- just remember to point out everything to him/her- Body parts, colors, shapes, foods, numbers, letters- it really doesn’t matter how you say it as long as your saying it.

We sing songs all day, top 40’s, nursery rhymes, country, appropriate rap, house rock… just about everything. There isn’t one style of music that she hasn’t been exposed to at this point. Some of our favorite songs to sing range from ABC’s to Old MacDonald, Judy Garland’s Over The Rainbow to Madonna’s Like A Prayer, I like to think I have a pretty good vocal range and Aud completely agrees- no holding back when we belt out tunes.

At this point we are going to start really focusing on things like letters and numbers. I have made the alphabet and number’s 1-10 on cue cards (super easy) with shapes or objects that relate. Each few days we are going to focus on one letter, number or shape. I also plan to pin it on a few places around the house so she see’s it, and when we walk past it, stop and say it out loud. I know, I know you might be thinking isn’t she a little young to start that? I am not starting it so that by 2 years old she is adding and subtracting, it’s more of learning by association thing. For all I know it could be disastrous and the cue cards will be in a cupboard for the next two years, but it’s worth a try.

We also play with knob-puzzles, we build forts, we watch The Wiggles, we paint and color, we also go on lots of play dates and join different mommy/baby classes that are offered in our area; no wonder we are both exhausted by 7 p.m, let’s not forget the house work, cooking, laundry, showering, bath time,  (that I could rant about for a while)…ohh the life of a mummy.


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