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Mealtime Suggestions-The Easy Ones

As I mentioned before my baby girl was always such an amazing little eater. When we started solids she would pretty much eat anything I pureed for her! From butternut squash to turnips, she would eat it with no protest. Today is a different story. Unless it has cheesy layer on top (which she still manages to find a way to only eat the cheese) or a sweet, fruity taste she absolutely refuses it. UGH.

I know I wrote a post about how I have decided not give in to the eating shenanigans, and some days it does work for us, but I thought I would share with you guys some of the things that actually do make it into her mouth and not on our floors. What I don’t get is why is she so unwilling to eat off her plate during dinnertime but if she finds a piece of it on the floor (ok, sometimes it’s hard to pick up every single crumb!) she sticks it right in her mouth? Maybe floor eating will be my next attempt at broccoli.

For breakfast we never really have a struggle, we wake up and she gets a bottle of about 6 ounces of whole organic milk. About an hour later she has her cereal with pureed fruit. This is my favourite meal of the day to give her, no mess and no fuss, and we are both satisfied after. I will sometimes venture outside the box (and if we have run out of cereal) and give a waffle or eggs, which she does enjoy just as equally.

Lunch time– Did I mention how much she loves cheese? So one staple thing we have for lunch is cheese and toast. I mean, from what I hear I think this is every kid’s favorite. I don’t only give her cheese and toast though, this is where hiding the food comes in. I often include a protein, so either Natural selects or Mayfield Natural’s turkey or white tuna in water, low sodium.

Tuna has been our newest addition. I was always a little hesitant about giving her anything from a can, but since Jon and I don’t eat any type or kind of fish I figured it couldn’t hurt. She loves it! I also mash a quarter of an avocado and spread it on under the meat, stick it in the toaster oven, and voila! She gobbles it up! Now, cut up avocado into bite size pieces and put them in front of her, no-way. It all ends up on the floor or she has become clever in hiding it beside her seat.

I decided to try out spreads with different things, spinach, broccoli, carrots, mixed veggies. Ahh, I got it, this is how I get the veggies into her. So I steamed my veggies, got out my baby bullet for the first time in a while, and pureed the veggies. Spread it on the toast, covered it with meat and cheese, it worked! It’s really hilarious the satisfaction you can get from knowing your kid just ate a bunch of veggies, I really felt it was a high five, my work here is done, kind of moment. So if your kid is like mine, try out the spreads, this has been a glorious way in making sure Aud is getting her veggies at lunch.

Snack time, we don’t really have issues. I try not to give her an afternoon snack because then she is even fussier and more difficult at dinnertime, and actually since cutting out her afternoon snack I have noticed a big difference come dinnertime.

When she does have snacks it’s usually puffs, raisins (regular or blueberry), fruit bars, cereal bars, yogurt, cheese string, baby cookie, half slice of toast with PB, cut up fruit (depending on the day as this is also something she enjoys throwing on the floor and finding later), really anything fruit related I give her.

Then comes dinnertime. I’m not going to go on and on again about how difficult this time of the day is for us. You can read about my dinnertime fun here.  Like I said, I just wanted to give some ideas to you who might be going through the same things I am.

Dinnertime– We haven’t quite got to the point yet where she eats table foods, (the same dinner as us). The reason being is because most of the week Jon usually isn’t home until around 7, Aud has dinner around 5-530 p.m. so I end up making dinner for Jon and I while Aud is having her dinner. I am starting to grow tired of making two separate meals and really don’t want to make it a habit for the future; so in the next few days I have given myself the task of creating a monthly meal plan and kitchen inventory list and will start planning out our dinners so we can all enjoy the same things, (I’m really hoping this isn’t one of those things that stay on my to-do list for the next 6 months…)

Anyways! Here are the few things I have been giving baby girl for dins:

-Whole wheat pasta using a pureed veggie sauce, topped with parmesan cheese (again, the pureeing the veggies is a great way to use as a sauce, add a little whole milk for a little more of a creamy flavor, I have also added a little bit of cream cheese)

– Cut up pieces of baked chicken in olive oil- she loves chicken-thank goodness.

– Scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese-exactly how it sounds, at times I notice she picks around the veggies but if I chop them small enough she doesn’t even notice!

– Broccoli and cheese pancakes! My newest fave to use for dinners is pancake mix!! I pretty much add anything to the batter and so far she has loved it. The other night I made a lentil, spinach and cheese pancake and she only threw the last piece on the floor because she was full! Pretty much put whatever you want in the batter!

– Chicken, rice and veggie casserole-casseroles are great because you can pretty much throw anything and everything in one dish, bake it and serve. She hasn’t yet protested one I have made…I’m pretty such it’s because I just top it with cheese as per usual.

Right now you might think her meals seem pretty standard or plain in comparisons to what you see in the baby and toddler cookbooks, but honestly some of the stuff in those books is a) time consuming b) will end up on the floor. When I have implemented our monthly meal plan her meals will change and she will start to eat more of what we do, and I’m sure you can expect my experience to be documented.

If anyone has any suggestions on cookbooks or you have a recipe to share with easy, fast, and filled with ingredients I will actually have in my cupboard then please let me know!






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