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Ten Things You Can Expect When Expecting

This past weekend I met a few (yes a few) lovely women who were expecting their first baby. It brought me right back to just over a year ago when I was expecting my first. As I was talking to them I caught myself often saying, “me too!” and “oh ya, I remember when that happened.” I’m not going to say it gave me new baby fever, but it did inspire me to write my next post! This is for all you expecting mum’s out there, these are the top ten things you are bound to experience when you are preggo. And for those who have already experienced the below, sometimes it’s nice to reminisce…

1) Advice: Everyone and I mean everyone, from your neighbour, to your mom, to the nice old lady behind you at the checkout is going to give you what they think is golden advice. Some you might think “Huh, good to know,” and others you will politely nod your head, look like your listening intently while thinking “really lady?” Just don’t forget to smile.

2) Google: You will probably Google everything from what your baby looks like in your belly to what that pain in your groin was earlier today. All I can say it, Google is not always right! I remember at one point my Dr actually told me to stop Google’ing! I settled for signing up to, along with every other expecting mum.

3) Books: I read a couple books during my pregnancy but I had one that was a favorite called “Your Pregnancy: Week by Week.” By Dr. Glade B. Curtis and Judith Shuler. I couldn’t wait to read the progress every week and I found it easy to understand. I also bought Jon a book called “Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy for Dummies.” Note to self: a) don’t buy men a book that has the words “For Dummies” and b) don’t buy men books.

4) Peeing: When my belly really started to bulge and felt like I was carrying a bowling ball around, it was at about 7ish months that I started pee’ing every 2.5 minutes. They tell you to drink lot’s and lot’s of water, but what they fail to tell you is that the moment the water touches your mouth you have to pee again. Ask your boss to move your desk beside the bathroom.

5) Crying: Ohh the emotional rollercoaster that is pregnancy. You will probably find yourself crying at diaper commercials, in the baby aisle at the drug store, and especially when your man asks you if you need help getting out of bed. It doesn’t any get better after baby.

6) Touching: As soon as you announce your bun in the oven everyone will want a piece of it. Going back to the old lady behind you in the check-out; it’s ok to let her know you don’t invite the touching of the belly. It’s something you will want to practise for when she moves in on baby.

7) Cravings: It will happen sooner or later in your pregnancy. Whether it’s ice cream, lemons or Nutella, just give in, this is the one time you don’t need to feel bad about guilty pleasures, but try your best to just go for one serving.

8) Nesting: There will come a point where every little pink or blue onsie, every soft blanket, and stuffed animal you see you’ll want. If you are having a baby shower then try to wait it out until after it happens! If you must then buy your bringing baby home outfit, and things for yourself like nursing tops and bras, and new pajamas and slippers for the hospital.

9) Empathy: It’s actually amazing how people tend to react around pregnant women. Doors get opened, seats become free, and the overall manners of society come full circle. I walked into a McDonald’s to use the restroom (also to get a McFlurry) one night on our way to a friend’s cottage and with it being the only public bathroom for miles of course the women’s had a huge lineup. As I made my way to the back of line the lady up next actually came to the back and asked me if I would like go before she did, no one protested, so I took her up on it. Always say yes to this, trust me.

10) Sleep: Last but certainly not least. I’m sure everyone is telling you to sleep while you can. Maybe you listen, maybe you do what I did and roll your eyes and think you have too much to do to sleep. But seriously, sleep. Just do it. Go to bed early, take naps, sleep in the car, sleep whenever you can. Just do it, you’ll thank me.

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