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Sniffles n’ Cuddles….

Nothing and I mean nothing is worse for a parent then seeing your own child sick. Whether it’s the flu, a common cold or an ear infection you would do anything in your power to take away their pain to make them feel better. Over this last year Aud has caught a cold a couple times (fact: babies can catch up to 8 colds a year!), and there are a few key things we have used that really seem to work. I wanted to write a bit about what we experienced and what those are to help out any mums or dad’s out there who might wanna know!

For some it may be a easier to distinguish how their little one’s are feeling because they are able to communicate, tell Mommy or Daddy their tummy or head hurts. For a parent of a baby it’s definitely more of a challenge to know for sure what is bothering them. I can’t tell you how many times I took Aud to the Dr. because she pulled on her ear, or had a runny nose, or because I thought our thermometer was broken. You know it’s overkill when the receptionist and nurses know who you are without having to check in…(guilty).

The second week we were home with Aud she got sick. Can you imagine how we felt? Having a two week old newborn with whom we are just getting to know, learning how to take care of, still trying to get the hang of breastfeeding and she get’s sick. Jon had gotten sick and although I told him not to pick her up or go near her (puh-lease), she’s his brand new baby girl, how could he not?

When we took her to the Dr. unfortunately there wasn’t much we could do. He suggested saline drops and a nasal aspirator and to nurse as much as I can. Although it was a common cold (no fever) the thing with babies, especially newborns, is that there is always that risk of an illness turning into Pneumonia so extreme caution and extra extra TLC is needed!

Poor girl was so stuffed up and being that little she just did not know how or what to do about it. I don’t know about you but I really wasn’t getting anywhere with that nasal bulb so Jon, (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT) being the wondering daddy that he is, literally sucked the snot out of her nose with his mouth (spitting it out immediately after). Now, if that isn’t some serious daddy love I don’t know what is.

After a few days of him doing this, I finally came across something that would be our savior this last year. The Hydra Sense Nasal Aspirator for newborns and infants. Like the bulbs you see at hospitals and in the infant medical kit you probably got at your shower, it’s purpose is to relieve nasal congestion. The difference is that like how Jon was sucking the snot right out of her nose, this traps the mucous and stops it from actually getting into your mouth! Trust me this is one product you definitely are going to want to go and get. It also comes with some saline drops which can help loosen up the mucous and make it easier to get out.

Another thing we used was Coryzalia which is by the Boiron family (same company that makes the Camilia-great product for teething relief). Coryzalia is a homeopathic medicine used to relieve symptoms such as runny rose, sneezing and nasal congestion (ages 1 month-6 years). It comes as ready to use sterile water based doses, which makes it that much easier to give your baby.

We also use the ‘kids 0-9’ cough and cold syrup, another homeopathic medicine free of dyes and sugars and helps relief mucus, congestion, fever, and coughing. She loves the taste of it so she doesn’t protest it. It seems to do it’s job!

Last but not least is TLC.  As I said earlier, the worst thing as a parent is seeing your child sick but I can say without hesitance there is one good thing that can come from it…snuggles!! Whenever Aud has been sick she is extra snuggly and cuddly, and I take it to full advantage!

So although she might be feeling under the weather and she gets up about 5 times during the night, and is cranky, and whiny and it feels like there isn’t anything I can do to make her better- the moment when she clings onto me and crawls up my legs to get in a snuggle and some extra kisses its worth the snotty noses and interrupted sleeps.

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Introducing LAM Accessories!!!!

Ok fellow mummy’s, especially those of little girls! I recently was introduced to an amazing small business called LAM Accessories. She hand-makes mostly one of a kind pieces inspired by her little girl and specializes in everything accessories from babies to adults. She not only can custom make pieces for you she also offers weekly RTS sales (ready to ship) on her Facebook page which can go pretty quickly if you don’t act fast!

Right now if you join her Facebook page and mention that I sent you, you will be entered to win a $15 gift certificate for LAM Accessories which I can guarantee you will use without hesitation!! So hurry up, like her page and do some shopping!

LAM Accessories will be on Roger’s TV Wednesday Oct 25  demonstrating how to make a headband!! Tune in!

Visit LAM Accessories website

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